Special holidays for children
with a life threatening illness

Established in 1990 by Sue and Ian Ivison, their family and friends, The Lynsey Ivison Trust is a registered charity (no 1003404). Their vision was to create a positive legacy after Lynsey died from cancer in 1990.

During the last months of her life and despite having arduous treatments, Lynsey was keen to carry on as normal and loved dancing, bike rides and swimming. During this time Sue and Ian organised a break to Centre Parcs with Lynsey’s sister Lauren. It was to be her last holiday, but it was a chance for all the family to get away from the routines of home life and spend time with each other -having fun! It was such a success that Sue and Ian decided that other families should have the opportunity to enjoy a similar experience – even if they couldn’t afford to.

The Trust has grown since its foundation and is now supported by many individuals who donate money from sponsored events such as bike rides and organising events such as golf days and quiz nights. The Trust has also attracted the support of corporate supporters such as Tescos and Boots.

Lynsey’s surname letters can be rearranged to create the word vision and her family and supporters believe that her courage and wish to help others should prove a real inspiration to all those who come into contact with the Trust’s work into the future.

What we do

We help families with children with life shortening illnesses to spend precious time together. Many families find the idea of organising a holiday daunting for many reasons. These could include:

Finance – many parents and carers have to give up work or reduce hours to care for their children. We like to offer a chance for the whole family to enjoy a break or holiday including siblings and even grand parents. We know this can be expensive and therefore prohibitive.

The Trust takes away this worry. We will fund the break or holiday with no strings attached.

Health issues – many children may need treatment or emergency support even for a few days away.

The Trust works with doctors, nurses and health professionals to make all the arrangements to provide support during the break.