Special holidays for children
with a life threatening illness

Our Beach Hut at Frinton-on-Seaprovides the perfect retreat for children of all ages. Here are couple of letter from parents who have who enjoyed memorable days out with their children.


“Dear Sue
Having two teenage boys to entertain all summer can be difficult, especially when one is suffering due to chemotherapy sapping all his energy.  The news that we were off to a beach hut for a couple of days was greeted with typical teenage grumpiness – but the sun was shining and there was the promise of fish and chips and the BBQ was packed – food seeming to be the main attraction wherever we go as they are both getting on towards being six feet strapping lads.

Sitting on the veranda of the beach hut was a delight, and we fought over who would sit out there and watch the world pass by.  Of course, it’s not cool for teenagers to use buckets and spades, but when the tide goes out Frinton beach is perfect for a game of cricket.  It turned out to be one of those rare days when going in the sea in this country seemed appealing – something we haven’t done since the boys were small – and throwing the ball around made everyone laugh.  While tea cooked on the BBQ, it was nice for my son to be able to sit and regain some of his energy.  The hotel was fantastic too, as one problem with leukaemia can be unstoppable nose bleeds, when this happened in the hotel the manager went straight out to fetch ice cubes and while I was panicking about the towels and bedding being all white, he was very laid back about it.

The break was something that both my boys will remember for years to come as we laughed so much.

Thank you.



“Dear Ian and Sue,

We are home from the most wonderful weekend at the beach hut in Frinton.

Thank you so much, what a fantastic little place it is, a real place of refuge when the kids are tired or you need a cuppa! We had great weather, made sandcastles, flew kites and ate picnics and all all came home smiling! I’ll get the key back to you this week but just wanted to say a little thank you for the loan of such a special place. I hope we may go again some time.

love Megan x”